ITL's Grade compared to Standard NHLA grading rules

Exceeds = Exceeds NHLA Standard Specification

  ITL Prime NHLA Select & Better ITL Comsel NHLA #1 Common
Minimum Width & Length 5" wide x 8' allowing 5% 5" x 7'. Cherry, Hard and Soft Maple admits 4" wide allowing 10% 4" x 7' 4" wide x 6' 3 1/2" wide x 6' long, allowing 5% cutbacks 3" wide x 4' long
Wane Limitations 1/6 width x 1/3 length x 1/2 thickness - generally limited to one edge only 1/3 width x 1/2 length - wane allowed to 1/2 length on both edges 1/6 width x 1/2 length x 3/4 thickness - no saddleback wane permitted No wane restrictions
Knot Limitation Maximum 1/4 x surface measure - open or unsightly knots are not permitted. Knots on the end foot of boards limited to one knot not exceeding 3/4" in diameter and on one end only Maximum 1/3 x surface measure - no limit to the number of knots provided that no single knot exceeds 1/3 x surface measure. No restriction as to the location of the knots on the boards Large open or unsightly knots are not permitted. Maximum of two knots allowed on the first lineal foot No limitations on the size, number or location of knots
Mineral Limitation Excessive mineral is defected and sorted out. Casual streaks and spots are admitted Mineral not to exceed 1/12 the required cutting area. No limit on mineral outside the cutting area Heavy mineral is defected and pulled out. Casual streaks and spots are admitted Boards grading 1 common with mineral exceeding 1/12 the cutting area are down graded to 2 common. Boards grading 1F and BTR with excessive mineral are included in the 1 common grade
  ITL Prime NHLA Select & Better ITL Comsel NHLA #1 Common
Split Limitation Limited to one split in each end provided their aggregate length does not exceed 8". Boards with surface measure of 9' and more, the split length is allowed up to one x surface measure provided there are 3" wide cuttings on both sides of the split All splits 12" and shorter are allowed. Splits longer than 12" are limited to 2 x surface measure Not to exceed 2 x surface measure No limit to the number or length of splits
1st Lineal Foot Generally allowed one defect on one end only (i.e., wane or one knot or one split). No limit on the number of defects on either or both ends. Must be 50% clear and 25% sound 12" in from the ends Generally allows two defects on one end or one defect on each end (i.e., wane, knot, split). No restriction on wane, knots or splits
Sap Limitation No sapwood limitations except for hard maple which is 90% sapwood 1 face or better No sapwood limitations